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Hello, my name is Philip Graham, but you can call me by my moniker RazorEye. I'm a teenage high school student who lives in Australia and wishes to become an author. I currently have a stack of ideas and imaginations; some of them are fanfictions aswell, so here I am! I also have accounts on FIMfiction, Google Drive, Wattpad, deviantART and my official website, so this is just one of the various places where I publish material.

Gender: male
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Stories by RazorEye
Characters: Rainbow Dash
Canon: S3
Genre: Slice-of-Life
Pairing: F/M
POV: 1st
Status: In Progress
Warnings: None
• Almost Everypony • • 4495 words

My name is Airheart. I have wings, I can fly and I dream big. I am a Wonderbolt and I am proud of it, although we all at the Wonderbolts Academy had do go through our difficulties to be here.

Two of us know exactly that. These two very close friends of mine spiralled downwards during their time at the Academy and became so lost in themselves that feelings no longer meant anything to them. But then something incredible happened. They felt again, with feelings that nopony else could stop them from feeling-

Their feelings for eachother.



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