The Trespasser by Sergeant Sprinkles
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Down in the town, spirits were high as Pinkie Pie held yet another party. "Did that girl ever do anything else?" Up on the apple farm, though, one pony was by himself. It wasn't that he wasn't invited (he'd been to couple of them in past), but those wild, sugar-fueled hootenannies just weren't his thing. It was okay though; he knew how to keep himself occupied.

Big Macintosh strolled through the apple orchard, inspecting the crop. It was going to be a big one; he could already hear the jingle of bits in his head. On his way back to the house, the stallion's ear twitched and focused on a sound. A crunching sound. He didn't like what he was hearing. He knew both of his sisters weren't home, so could only mean one thing. Stiffening his chin and furrowing his brow, he tromped off towards the offensive noise.

Once in the clearing, the sight of the large, brown figure gobbling his fruit confirmed his anger. An apple rustler, he thought. He wasn't having any of this. He puffed up and stomped over to the perpetrator.

"Excuse me," he said in a commanding voice.

Gilda heard him. And she ignored him. Just another lame-o pony harshing her buzz. She was getting sick of these dorks. She popped another apple in her beak.

"Ah said, excuse me, ma'am." He snorted to emphasize his point.

"Well," Gilda said to herself, "looks like he's not leaving. I guess I'm going have to make him."

She stood up and casually turned to face the pest. "Alright, what do you..." She paused. "Want?" Wow, he was big.

A griffin? He didn't expect that. He'd heard of them, never thought he'd see one. But that didn't change anything. She was still a no-good thief.

"What do you want, hayseed?" Gilda was nonchalant.

Big Mac stood resolute. "Would you mind tell'en me why you think you just come on to some pony's property and plunder their valuables?"

The griffin rolled her eyes. "Gee, I didn't think you hillbillies could count. Like you're really gonna miss a few."

The stick in his mouth shifted to the other side. "Ah don't like yer attitude, Missy."

Gilda smirked. "Oh yeah, whatcha gonna do about it?" She puffed out her chest and extended her wings to make herself look bigger.

The stallion was losing his patience. He rose to his full size and stood erect. His eyes deadlocked with his trespasser.

Gilda started to get a little worried. None of the other ponies, not even Dash, stood up to her like this. This guy meant business.

"Ah'm afraid Ah'm gonna have to ask for some sort of reimbursement and, one way or the other, Ah am going get it out of you." He scowled.

Momentarily stunned by the intensity of the situation, Gilda was thinking as fast as she could. "Oh yeah? Well... you gotta catch me first!" Wings shot down with a mighty thrust, and she tore into the sky.

Unfortunately, she didn't account for the large pony's sudden burst of agility. Quickly leaping forward, he sunk his teeth into her tail and forcefully yanked her back down. The impact robbed her of the air in her lungs and wracked her brain. The world spun as she laid on her injured back. She could barely hear the pony as he bellowed.

"We don't take kindly to thieves on this farm, little lady. Ah'm gonna have to show how the Apple family deals with your kind."

Grabbing her tail again, he dragged the offender into the barn.

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