Celestia Sits on Fluttershy's Face by Dragor
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Celestia opened her eyes. A haze in her head and a terrible itch in her tush let her know that something was amiss. The discomfort prompted her to action. She thrust with her hind leg, sending the sheets flying to the floor. The inner turmoil persisted.

She couldn’t feel any foreign object in her rectum, so that couldn’t be the cause. It felt more like an absence of something than a disfavorable presence. Sighing in frustration, she rolled off the bed.

Looking around her chamber, she searched for something to distract herself with, as the squats she was performing weren’t subduing her inner turmoil in the slightest. The irk in her hindquarters persevered, no matter how much she wiggled her buttocks up and down. No amount of shaking and twerking the booty helped either.

The whole ordeal was quite mysterious, as the irk couldn’t even be attributed to an anal injury; for it was quite a while, even further back than a whole day, since Celestia had had anything extraordinary shoved up her asshole. For the time being, the cause was outside the reaches of her foggy mind.

Incited to find a remedy for her bothersome irk, she scoured her room for something, anything that she could use to reach the area of her inner turmoil. Most of the items she laid her eyes on were either too edgy or too flat.

Celestia turned to the decorating table. Lighting up her horn, she focused on the content of the fruit bowl. With her magic, she pushed exotic peaches to the side and pulled a banana from the bottom. It seemed quite slick, but past experiences had taught her that the balmy fruit just couldn’t handle the firmness of her powerful sphincter. She laid it down and sighed. It would take something far more sturdy to handle her royal itch than a delicate banana.

Twilight’s scepter was the first thing that came to her mind. It was a bit on the edgy side, but she was confident in her abilities to unlock the scepter’s full versatility potential. With some delicate maneuvering, she could reach right up to the itch and scratch it.

Contemplating possible ways of getting a hold of it, she glanced toward old furniture in the dark corner of her room. It had been a while since she went on a self-imposed covert mission. The locked wardrobe, in the middle, harbored her black fur-tight bodysuit, she had used to wear every night in her plundering escapades on the castle’s kitchen.

Such infiltrations weren’t necessary ever since Luna’s dream stalking addiction took a turn for the worse. With the tampering sister being detached from reality most of the time and nopony else daring to meddle in Celestia’s dietary needs, she could just order the cakes to her chamber at her leisure.

Dressing up in the enwrapping suit, infiltrating Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle and taking in the scepter did, indeed, have some potential to cure her of the itch. However, with her mysterious weight gain over the past few months, the mission suit would be a very tight fit. There was a set limit on its stretchiness.

Her ears perked at a sound of an almost unnoticeable knock on the door. Disrupted from her scheming by the intrusion, she caught herself sliding her rear-end up and down the wall. The sound of somepony encroaching on her private chamber was easy to ignore. Such wasn’t a case for the persistent itch in her excretory canal.

Upon realizing that her wall rubbing technique wasn’t effective, she forcefully walked left and right by a decorated carpet. “Ugh!”

Not knowing what to do, she plunged down her behind to the floor. Even crumpling the luscious ass cheeks together on a cold surface had no significant effect on the tenacious irk.

Celestia ran out of ideas. With the itch sucking up more and more of her attention, she found it hard to focus her mind on anything else. She needed a distraction, fast! “Come in!” she cried out in irritation.

The door slowly opened ajar. “Um… Please, excuse me… I just…”


“Um… Yes?” Her head peeked between the half-opened door and doorframe.

Celestia leaned her head to the side as she observed her, a new idea beginning to form. “My, I have only now noticed how perfect your snout looks. It is truly an embellishment to behold.”

Raising a forehoof to cover her face, Fluttershy tried to hide her blush. “Um, thank you, I guess.”

“Come in, come in! And close the door!” Celestia’s horn glowed.

“I hope I wasn’t interrupting—” Fluttershy’s ears twitched at the sound of a turning key at the instant the door shut.

“Nonsense! I can always make time for one of the Bearers of the Elements. Come now; there is no reason to linger at the door. Enter and lie down.”

Fluttershy took a few steps inward, away from the exit. “Lie down?”

“Why of course, my precious guest. I want you to make yourself as comfortable as you can. Know that I am very pleased to see you.”

Fluttershy sat down before Celestia, on the edge of the oriental carpet.

Celestia half closed her eyes when she saw her precious gift from Saddle Arabia being trampled upon. She looked down to Fluttershy’s hooves. Upon affirming they were fairly clean, she calmed down a little. “Now, dear, tell the wise princess what brought you here.”


Leaning down to Fluttershy’s snout level, she observed her face from different angles. “Express with firmness your prerogative onto me.”

Fluttershy swallowed audibly and lowered her shoulders. “You tasked me to come to Canterlot to check on the animals in the Royal Garden,”—with her eyes, she followed Celestia’s hoof as it pressed on her chest, but didn’t let it distract her from squeaking her rehearsed lines—“and you wished to be informed about their well-being—”

With a nudge of Celestia’s hoof, the Pegasus fell on her back. “Can I get you anything, Fluttershy? A glass of wine, perhaps?”

“No, please, I’m fine. I just… Why did you just…” She tried leaning forward, but Celestia’s hoof on her chest prevented her from rising off the floor.

“You are a kind pony, are you not?” Celestia stepped over Fluttershy, placing both forehooves by the yellow wings.

“I try…”

Lowering her head, Celestia put her snout to Fluttershy’s. “You see, Fluttershy, I am in need of a kind pony right now.” Her lips drew into a grin. “Would you mind doing me a favor?” She slid a hoof through silky feathers.

Fluttershy attempted to retract her head away, trying to secure herself some personal space, but pushing against the floor proved futile. So too did her endeavor to fold her sensitive wings. “I only came here to—”

“Why, of course you are a kind pony!” Celestia interrupted her. “You are the element of kindness; the embodiment of it. I trust that you would not want to go against your nature.” Celestia brushed Fluttershy’s mane with a hoof. “Or is it wrong of me to put my faith in you?” She leaned her head to the side and looked at her with just one eye.

“I… I…”

“Look, my subject!” She tapped on the yellow chest with a forehoof. “It is the simplest of tasks I wish you to perform. All I need you to do is lie here, just like you are doing now. It will only be for a little while. Can you do that for your princess, Fluttershy? A minuscule favor for the Princess of the Sun. Is that too much to ask of you?”

“But… W—why?”

“You would distrust me, the ruler of Equestria?” Celestia barked, narrowing her eyelids.

“No! Of course not. I trust you...” Fluttershy’s eyes shied away.

“Then stop with your silly rebellion. Close your eyes, Fluttershy! Know thy place!” Celestia slid her hoof between blue eyes, shutting them.

Fluttershy’s ears swiveled forward. Metallic clunking around her body let her know that Celestia was turning around. “I wasn’t rebelling… I—I just don’t understand…”


“You may open your eyes now, Fluttershy,” Celestia said as she lowered her sizable bottom toward the innocent pony’s head.

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