EP&S:Casualties by EquestrianGuard9
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(Narrator:Dr.Whooves) After an attack is over and the all-clear has been sounded, arrangements will be made as soon as possible to treat any pony who are ill or injured. Listen to your radio, details will be given about what to do, when to do it and how.

If anyone dies while you are kept in your fallout room, move the body to another room in the house. Label the body with name and address and cover it as tightly as possible in polythene, paper, sheets or blankets. Tie a second card to the covering. Your local civil protection station will advise you what to do about taking the body away for burial.

If however you have had a body in the house for more than five days, and if it is safe to go outside, then you should bury the body for the time being in a trench, or cover it with earth, and mark the spot of the burial.

Classified by order of The Equestrian National Public Safety Bureau and Princess Celestia’s Nuclear Information Administration,Prepared for the Royal administration council by the Equestrian Office of Information written Sun Cycle 120.

Send for information request to 128 Sun Street, Canterlot, Equestria.

Broadcasted by the E.B.C (Equestrian Broadcast Company)


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