by MrDestiny80
Characters: King Sombra, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
Canon: S3
Genre: Dark, Romance
Pairing: F/M
POV: 3rd
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Rape, Sex, Torture
• Mature •

In an alternate timeline (slightly inspired by the season 5 finale "The Cutie Re-Mark") where Equestria is at war with the Crystal Empire, King Sombra executes a daring yet dangerous plan and manages to conquer Canterlot Castle, capturing the two princesses in the process.

For the king, a precarious game of cat and mouse begins, as he struggles to fend off the Equestrian army and to maintain control of a city which opposes him, while trying to tame the rambunctious spirits of his two captives.

For Celestia and Luna, a tumultuous emotional conflict ensues, as they have to decide how far they are willing to go in order to keep their subjects safe.

Series: None
Chapters: 3
Word count: 25174 Read count: 1843
Published: 06 Nov 2016 Updated: 06 Nov 2016
1. Prologue: The Machinations of Fate by MrDestiny80 [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (652 words)

2. Chapter 1: King's Gambit by MrDestiny80 [Reviews - 0] (10740 words)

3. Chapter 2: In the Grip of Evil by MrDestiny80 [Reviews - 0] (13782 words)