Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia
by AlmanacPony
Characters: Derpy Hooves, Original Character(s), Other BG Pony
Canon: AU
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Dark, Suspense, Tragedy
Pairing: M/M
POV: 1st
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Death, Profanity, Sex, Violence
• Mature •

Years before Littlepip stepped from Stable 2, the Wasteland greeted all ponies with it's usual contempt. Tome Tale and his silent partner, Stranger, live day to day on their next bag of caps, until they stumble into something bigger than themselves.


Bigger than the whole of Equestria.


Based on Fallout: Equestria by Kkat.


This story follows Tome Tale. A scholastic pony that prefers talking to fighting. Though he also has a bad habit of pissing ponies off. A pony with a hidden past, in an effort for caps he gets himself tangled in something not necessarily good for his health. A Wastelander that had long since hardened himself to the horrors of the Wasteland, the ice in his heart threatens to melt as friends are made, loves are lost, and the Wasteland and Stars yield their most darkest of secrets.

Series: None
Chapters: 9
Word count: 102952 Read count: 4394
Published: 10 Nov 2015 Updated: 10 Sep 2016
Story Notes:

NOTE 1: Only the original Fallout: Equestria is considered canon officially. I will however do my level best to not cross over with other large fics such as Projects Horizon or Pink Eyes. While I will not mention such events in my story, I will do my best not to negate them so readers may consider whatever they wish to be canon from other works. (This is not set in stone, and if I am faced with a situation where I must disregard the interpretations of PH or PE to further my story, I shall without qualm or hesitation, but I do not think such a scenario is likely. I have planned this story out heavily, and do not believe any of it will conflict with such stories.)


NOTE 2: Tome Tale is an Earth Pony in the Wasteland. Too many stories are unicorns from stables, or other things like that. I wanted to write this story different from other ones. Tome Tale grew up in the Wasteland, he has already become hardened. Too often we are faced with an innocent character fighting the corruption of the Wasteland both internally and externally, and such story lines are very well written and received, but they ARE overused. Tome Tale is not such a story. His is a story not of fighting corruption in himself, but of redemption that can never be found. A heart which is cold, becoming warm again, and a pony such as him, learning what it means to be alive.


I hope you enjoy the story, and please, leave a comment. Your attentions will fuel me. :3


NOTE 3: Tags and things will be changed as the story progresses.

1. Foreword (Only for those that have not read the original FoE) by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 1] (1258 words)

2. Prologue/Intro by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (1101 words)

3. Chapter One - Dear Princess Celestia, Life Sucks. by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (14406 words)

4. Chapter Two - Dear Princess Celestia, The Wasteland Makes Monsters Of Us All. by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (11941 words)

5. Chapter Three - Dear Princess Celestia, Are We Our Mistakes? by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (17437 words)

6. Chapter Four - Dear Princess Celestia, Is Greed All We Know? by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (11661 words)

7. Chapter Five - Dear Princess Celestia, Does Our Past Define Us? by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (13126 words)

8. Chapter Six - Dear Princess Celestia, Fate's Just a Bunch of Bullshit, Right? by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (17922 words)

9. Chapter Seven - Dear Princess Celestia, I got some tail! by AlmanacPony [Reviews - 0] (14100 words)