Ventura by dash4life
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They have trotted through the veins of the city. Nightmare Moon has sent the band of Bastille through the teleportation devices. Then they fall into a city.

They land in a street with cars. They've went into the human continent  before. But in New York. They were transformed into humans. But then they checked themselves. They were still ponies. 

"Where are we?" groans Rainbow Dash, and faints.

"Let me use my magic..." replies Twilight Sparkle. "...we have landed in Ventura, California."

"Ventura?" they all scream.

"They call this place Nuketown," whimpers Fluttershy "Nukes are always dropped here," continues Fluttershy

"Well, we have three choices. Stay and make money, get money and go to San Diego, or get money and go to San Francisco," implies Twilight Sparkle.

They voted amongst themselves. They knew San Diego was most peaceful.

"Oh, and if we move to San Fran, we'll either have to live in Angel Island, or on Alcatraz,"

"ALCATRAZ? ARE YOU CRAZY?" screams Rainbow Dash.

"Yep. Alcatraz. There is a prison there," continued Twilight.

Fluttershy breaks into a full-out burst of crying.

"Its alright, sugar cube..We all have our moments where we all get scared," consoled Applejack. It didn't work.

"I don't wan't to die!" screams Fluttershy, crying.

"We won't. Don't worry," continued Applejack.

We'll most likely be dead if we move to Alcatraz, Applejack thought.

"It settled. Move to San Diego..." insisted Twilight Sparkle

"..and cross the border!" continued Twilight.

" I'm out of here" calls Rainbow Dash. "I'm going to Vancouver! Who's with me?"

They all agreed

"Darn it! Dang it! Shoot!" 

"I'm going away," said Twilight, angrily.

 They all continued to Vancouver.

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