The Lost Pony Tales of Equestria Vol. 1 Meeting the Crowned Crew of Ponyville by Starlight Dragon
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Story Notes:
23 chapters are currently planed for this volume alone, featuring 9 original characters as the main crew. With 8 original supporting characters and 29 original background character. They all come from 6 different people that came together to make this project possible. Character artwork available on my deviant art profile.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Please read The legend of Starlight Dragon if you want more back story on this character. Here is the Link
Any character that doesn't have a credited creator in the end notes was created by Anastasia N. the author.

The Lost Pony Tales of Equestria

Vol. 1 Meeting the Crowned Crew of Ponyville

Chapter 1 The Dragon Blood Cure?

“My name is Starlight Dragon I once was a beautiful unicorn whose name was Starlight. She is writing in a tattered and worn diary, born into a dark chapter of Equestria’s long history. A time of great suffering where chaos and disharmony covered much of Equestria, the creation of its dark ruler Discord. What he did to me with his dark magic ruined my life, as I knew it. Leaving me to live with a powerful curse. Even after he was overthrown his curse still clung to me haunting my every dream and clouding my thoughts. I don’t think any pony could look at me the same way knowing the horrible things I did, let alone forgive me. Even if they could the memories would haunt me the same and I could never forgive myself all the horrible things I did.” She pauses briefly to wipe the forming tears from her eyes. “I couldn’t stop let alone fight back, even if I did his magic took control of my body and did it for me. I was nothing more to him than a helpless pawn. But, no pony saw it that way so I left home, out of regret for what I had seen. But mostly of the fears of what they had planned for me, probably the same treatment Discord got being turned to stone.”

“I once had a shimmering sliver coat with bright sky-blue hair with white frosted tips. But not anymore, thanks to Discord’s twisted magic I look more like a monster then a pony. I’m no unicorn anymore he thought I would look and serve him better as a dragon pony; he just combined me with a random dragon flying by. His magic turned my coat to blood red scales, with a grey underbelly. My hair fell out replaced with blue spikes down my neck and my horn disappeared completely. My bright blue eyes darken to a deep teal almost black; even becoming more menacing with my pupils taking on a thinner taller appearance much like a dragons’. My teeth became sharper, and 3 spikes rest above my eyes. A set of dragon wings shot out from my back with black membranes, the pain was overwhelming. Not even my cutie mark escaped the transformation, looking sadly at her cutie mark turning from a bright white shooting star with blue center lines and yellow contrails making it appear to be falling right out of the night sky. It became a burning white star with flames licking their way around the star blacking the edges of the star; the blue lines have become a dark orange. All the time I spent hiding from ponies also has changed me, I’m collecting scars all over me. The most damming of all is just a gash I got recently through my left eye I can’t see that well with it now.”

“For many years I’ve waited wishing that one morning I would wake up and be myself again. I’ve hidden from every pony for many years and I’ve seen many things in my unusually long life. Towns get formed and grow, cities expand and the rise and fall of king Sombra. The most disturbing of all was the fall of the 2 royal sisters’ rule, Celestia the oldest and Luna the youngest. Luna my mentor, what could have happened to you that drove you to madness to attack your own sister and calling yourself Nightmare Moon? You may have been the only pony who could have understood me and what I was forced to do. Possibly even helping me turn back into a unicorn, but no you’re gone and I only have the ruins of their castle they shared to keep me company.”

“All the years I spent alone moving from one place to another hasn’t helped me cope with my past that much. My scientific and magical contributions of my past were praised while; I was shunned I wouldn’t be surprised if my name isn’t attached to my work at all. My actions under Discord’s control saw to that, no pony risked being attacked to talk to me. I tried to fight back I tried to use my magic to fight his, the more I fought the stronger his magic became. So it appeared to every pony that I willingly spread his ‘merriment’ across Equestria. All I saw was me being used like a pawn; tormenting, humiliating, beating and enslaving ponies for his enjoyment to the horror of me and every pony else. Until the sisters set me free by defeating Discord and turning him to stone with the Elements of Harmony. I was overwhelmed with different emotions that day I was free at last but at what cost did it come, as a smile streaked across my face. The sisters looked at me they knew who I was, what I have done I couldn’t move I froze in fear of them.”

“Thoughts raced through my head. What I did was just as bad as what Discord had done, are they going to turn me to stone as well? Should I plea my case tell them the truth, that I couldn’t control my actions? I was so afraid, so scared and helpless; I’ve never felt so alone in my life. They looked so sad to see me their eyes spoke of regret, and broken hearts. But they just walked away from me my mentor left me without saying a word. I never did find out what they wanted from me, maybe they looked for ways how to turn me back, for that was the last time I ever saw them. Every pony else voiced their opinions calling me Starlight Dragon and other harsh names with their mean and cruel glances. There was no pity for the pony that was used as a pawn by Discord; to every pony I was just as evil as him. I tried to cope, I tried to forget the past, but it was relentless just like the bullies.” She begins to sob uncontrollably holding herself and wrapping her wings around herself; after some time has passed she composed herself she continued writing in her diary. “I couldn’t stand being at home anymore so I ran as far away from it as my legs and wings would take me; I never gone back since.”

“Over the years I spent wandering from place to place I picked up skills that have kept me yearning to learn more. Recently I have begun to study potion brewing could it be the key to ridding me of this dragon blood curse. My test batches that I’ve used on samples of my blood have shown some progress. But the process is hindered, what blood cells is it destroying the pony or the dragon. Destroying the pony blood would be a great disaster no telling what havoc I would cause. I must collect a sample of blood from a pony and or a dragon; the pony would be the easiest to collect but destroying the entire dragon blood sample would be compelling result. I’m not interested in kidnapping a pony, but I bet a hospital would have unicorn blood on hand somewhere in there. It’s going to be hard to sneak in without access to my magic but it would be worth the effort. According to my map the nearest town is Ponyville, I’ll leave at sundown. I’ll get my gear ready to go, pack it into my saddlebags and find my black cloak.”

After waiting till sundown she eventually finds her way out of the Everfree Forest standing on its edge with Ponyville in sight. After she calmed herself she entered the town wandering around until she spots the hospital breaks in and takes a blood bag for unicorns. After making a clean escape she returns to the Everfree Forest making her way deep into the forest to her home. As she prepared the latest cure potions ingredients, she removes her tattered brown cloak reviling her saddlebags below; carefully removed the blood bag and poured its contents into 2 separate clean plates. Prepared the potion and began to slowly pour the half the potion onto one, the other half she combined with her own blood in a separate dish. She waited for almost an hour before looking at a slide of each sample under her microscope. She carefully noted any changes in the pony blood sample then compared her blood sample to the unicorn sample it matched; she couldn’t see any difference from the slides. She rushed to her diary and began to write.

Finally tonight I’ve stumbled onto a cure for myself, after all these years I’ve spent alone I might be finally comfortable with showing my face. I know it’s still very risky to experiment on myself but at this point what do I have to lose. Once I collect all the ingredients and the quantities I would need for a full dose I’m going to risk my life for the cure. Whatever my fate will be, I’ve done everything to test it and I’m confident it’s going to work. Tomorrow morning I make my list of what I need to collect, and begin the next chapter of my life.“ Closing her diary she looks at the moon through the make shift window. Says, “Goodnight Luna” before turning to blow out the candles with her wing and makes herself comfortable to sleep.

She wakes up and tidies up her home cleaning up her experiments and prepares the list for the morning hunt. It took her all day to collect every herb she need flying from place to place all over Equestria. With her saddlebags full of the herbs she took out her map one last time to head home. As soon as she got home she began the brewing process even though she was exhausted from her travels, hope giving her strength. After 2 hours of brewing it changed color indicating it was finally ready. She made a large batch more then she would need for one dose so she began filling bottles till there wasn’t much left. She pours the last bit of the potion into a glass and chugged it down. She could do nothing more but to wait and see if it worked. She wouldn’t have to wait long for about 20 minutes later she developed a nasty coughing fit before blacking out completely. Collapsing on her hut’s dirt floor as potion bottles spill out on the floor around her .

Chapter End Notes:
Discord, Luna and Celestia are property of Hasbro Studios.

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