Sonic Equestria by sonicdash759
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In a hidden base far out in the deserts of Shamar, stumbled an exhausted and relieved mad scientist named Dr. Eggman. As he walked out of his endless white prison void he panted.

“Gah! Finally! I’m free from that stupid void! I can’t believe I used to be THAT annoying!” he said to himself before looking around.

Around the room were dusty machines and electronics, some still ran perfectly and others were better off being thrown away than repaired. In the center of the room, a giant monitor was still running, displaying various statistics and screens of complicated information.

Eggman sighed. “Oh...I remember this old dump. If it hadn’t been for that rotten little pest, i’d still be in control of this place. Might as well see what could still be of use.” he said before walking around the lab until something caught his attention.

“Hm? What could this be…? I’m surprised this piece of junk is still running! Wait...what’s this?” he asked before pulling up a more detailed description of the computer’s findings.

The egg-shaped man’s confused frown slowly grew into an evil smirk as he read on. “Yes...Perfect!! It’s diabolical!! This new energy reading is just what I need for my next plan!!”

Meanwhile, in another dimension known as Equestria, all its inhabitants were preparing for an important upcoming event: The Summer Sun Celebration. It’s that time of year where the sun is raised by Princess Celestia herself to signify the beginning of Summer. And Ponyville was the most busy this time of year.

It’s newest resident; Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn student from Canterlot, was assigned by Princess Celestia herself again to check on the preparations for the big night. She was just finishing up one last round to make sure everything was perfect.

“Hmm...Food: Checked. Weather: Looking good. Decorations: Good. Music: Done and Done! I think everything’s all good to go!” she happily said to herself before heading back to the library also known as her house. “Ooh! It’s still early! Perfect! I’ve got plenty of time to study!” she said.

Twilight was about to rush inside to get her books and whatnot but was interrupted by a sudden tremor. The purple unicorn struggled to keep her balance but still ended up face planting on the ground. She managed to get back on her hooves just in time to see a bright flash of light strike the distant Everfree Forest! Just as it suddenly happened, the tremor stopped and everything was calm like before.

Twilight got back up with her smile now turned into a slightly worried frown. “What the hay was that…?” she asked herself before shaking off the state of shock and coming back to her senses. “I’d better write a letter to the Princess just in case!” she said before rushing inside the library.


Little did she know, Equestria’s fate would soon be at stake.

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