Son of the Princess by twow443
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Chapter 1-Emerging from the Shadows

“Shade! Wake up!” I rolled over, trying to block the knocking on the door. “Shade! Get up!” I slowly opened my eyes, blinking hard to orient myself to the day.

“Come on in!” I said, sleepily. Princess Luna walked inside my room, flanked by two guards.

“Ahh, you're awake.” she said. “Good. Celestia wishes to see you when you are fully awake.”

“Thanks, Princess.” She nodded and left the room. I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and polished my horn.

Oh, I guess you want to know some things about me? Fair enough. My name is Shade. I'm a young colt with a black coat and mane. I was so dark that I was jokingly called the Shadow. Not much different then “Shade” but I digress.

Princess Celestia had found me as a orphan and had decided to “adopt” me as her personal assistant. I was very grateful for the home and the job wasn't bad either. I am a unicorn and was well trained in magic. Celestia herself had said I was as strong as the Element of Magic, her student Twilight Sparkle. I had heard many things about the Elements of Harmony, and had seen all 6 ponies that had them when the changelings almost took over Canterlot.

I never really left the castle, having spent almost my whole life there. Celestia had preferred to have me close to her as much as possible, so I never asked. But I was hoping that could change soon.

I dashed down the hallway to Celesta’s library, where I had sensed the princess was. Bursting in, I yelled, “Sorry I'm late Princess!”

Celestia turned and smiled at the sight of me, all disheveled. “Your mane is in a mess, but I see that you still remembered to polish your horn.”

“Oh!” I gasped. My horn flashed and my mane instead of becoming straight, decided to puff up like a cloud. “Rats!” I grumbled, struggling with the spell.

Celestia laughed, something she liked to do a lot and used a spell to straighten my mane. “Come over here, Shade.” I walked up next to the princess, taking a glance at the book she was reading.

“What do you think this is?” Celestia asked.

I took a glance at the book. “This is a spell book, right?”

“Correct.” I was told. Then I knew why I had been summoned. Everyday either of the princesses would have me test out a spell to help sharpen my magic. Today was no exception.

“Shade, I have a surprise for you today, but you can't have it unless you can preform this spell correctly.” the white alicorn told me. I read the spell. “Advanced Teleportation? I already know how to teleport, Princess.”

Celestia gave me a smirk, the one she gave when she knew something I didn't. “But did you know that certain ponies can teleport things to them?” She pointed at a flower in a jar that was over by the door. In a flash of her horn, the flower was in front of us.

“Wow!” I said, impressed. Nothing either of the princesses showed me ceased to impress me. Luna never did much with me, not hating me but not really liking me either. Maybe I should ask Celestia.....

Whoop, going off topic there. I spaced back in as Celestia asked, “Are you ready to try this spell?”

“Sure! What am I bringing here?” I happily asked.

Suddenly, a picture appeared in front of me. I looked at the lavender colored mare then gasped. “Is the the Element of Magic I saw at the wedding? Twilight Sparkle?”

Celestia nodded. “She is waiting at her house to come here. Shade, your test for today is to locate her with your magic and bring her here.”

My mind raced, thinking of a million different problems. But there was one thing I never did. I never questioned the tests. I didn't want to appear weak in front of the princess. She must have sensed my nervousness when she asked. “Are you feeling alright, Shade? If you like, I will save this test for lat..”

“No! I can do this!” I yelled. I looked over the book then stepped back away from the princess. Taking a deep breath, I began to cast the spell. A black beam of light came from my horn and hit the ground. Moving my head, I was able to create a circle on the ground. I then slowly lifted my head, creating sort of a magic cylinder. I closed the top, then I shot another beam at the inside. A brilliant flash occurred, then the magic cylinder disappeared, leaving a sitting lavender pony with a book there.

I shuddered, then sat as well. “Wonderful, though I don't know why you used a magic seal.” Celestia said.

“Because it was a living creature and my first time,” I started to explain, “I wanted to make sure the magic wouldn't override and send her somewhere else.” Strangely, as Celestia nodded and smiled, I felt better.

“Twilight Sparkle, please meet Shade.” Celestia said. We nodded and shook hooves.

“So, why did you want me to bring her here?” I asked.

“Well, I thought it was time for you to get out and see some more of Equestria, so I asked Twilight if she could let you stay with her for a while.”

“And I said yes!” Twilight said, excited. “I can show you all around Ponyville!”

“Are you sure about this Princess?” I asked. “What if you need me to help you with something?”

“If it's very important I will send you a letter.” Celestia said with a smirk. “Now you two head on back to Ponyville. Shade, do you want to try?”

I shook my head. “I should probably only do one major spell every day.” Celestia smiled, pointed her horn at us and everything disappeared.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a library, sort of the one in Canterlot but smaller. “This is a really nice library.” I told the unicorn.

“Thanks.” Twilight said. “I tried to fill it with as many books as I could.”

I nodded, then yawned. “That kind of magic rather takes it out of me. Anyway we could meet everypony a little bit later?”

“Well, I guess.” Twilight said, thoughtfully. “Besides, Ponyville is a little more active in the evening.”

Yawning, I laid down on the rug on her floor. “Yeah, usually I have a little more stamina.”

“You rest, Shade.” Twilight said. “I have some work to do anyway. We'll meet everypony as soon as you wake up!” Nodding, I laid down to rest.

Celestia walked to her balcony. She sighed and looked over Canterlot. “Feeling a little tired sister?” Luna said, walking up next to her sister.

Celestia spoke softly, “Yes Luna. I guess you could say I am.”

Luna put her hoof on her sister. “You know that he needs to know soon. It's slowly killing you.”

Celestia stubbornly shook her head. “Him being away for a while. It'll help me regain my strength.”

Luna turned to walk away, then she turned her head to look at Celestia. “Sister, if you get any weaker when he returns, I will be forced to reveal. And then you know what has to happen after that.”

As Luna walked away, Celestia sighed again looking at the stars. “Yes, I do know what has to happen. I refuse to let that occur.”

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