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Once Upon a Time
An MLP:FiM Fanfiction by Tytyvm


There once lived a mare in a picturesque meadow. The grass was damp green and the budding flowers were yellow. But she didn’t take notice of blooming trees nor her cello. For she only had eyes on that chiseled young fellow.

She’d watch him trot down the mountain trail, making his way to the river with a rod and a pail. Once in passing she’d asked what his work doth entail. He’d simply smiled and claimed that his work was retail. It didn’t take a genius to note he’d left out a more crucial detail. So as he walked off to the river with a swing in his tail, the female just stared whilst the songbirds sang a tune strong as ale.


The birds overhead flew south without fail. They wouldn’t survive when the world became pale.

Leaves fell from trees as the mare neared the dock. The path bursted with colors that’d make anything gawk.

The dirt below her hooves muffled the sound of each clop. But as she walked onto planks her steps became knocks. Thus at the end of the pier a stallion squawked.

The mare giggled as she approached the brute with a shiny red rock. The stallion’s cheeks glowed as he looked at her with a mock. She threw the gem in his face which he caught like a hawk. He looked over the thing with the skill of Doc. To this, the mare exclaimed, “I knew you weren’t a jock!

The stallion looked blankly whilst his head gave a cock.

You don’t honestly think you’re getting out this talk?” The mare said while dripping pseudo shock.

Smirking, the stallion gave up his act all together. “Well I guess I could've done a bit better.”

Leaning forward she nuzzled up to his side. His body shuddered at the closeness and touch of her hide. The mare smiled wide. Her grin was quite wry. “I’d say that I’m yet to have seen a downside.


The world was an echo of wind. Snow crunched under her hooves as she fought with a grin.

The mare’s body was free but stiff as a pin, whilst her vision became progressively thin.

The mare fell to the ground upon her forelimbs. Her breaths became shallow like a foal failing to swim.

Her sight was more than beginning to dim. White flakes covered her body like a blanket from Grim. Yet the mare’s splintered lips held a smile quite slim. From them came the sound of a childhood hymn. And the mare’s eyes inevitably closed much to her chagrin.

Then her body started to spin. As if it were stretched like the symbol of yin. Perhaps similar to a drunken mare who’d been handed more gin.

When it finally stopped she felt strange in her skin. Like water stuffed into a tin. It felt quite akin to being hooked in the chin.

She broke open her lids with a few solid pries. Her brain took a moment as it woke from standby. Another body held hers while she lie. Infront of them a fire was burning quite high.

Her mind was too tired to begin questioning why. Alas that quickly changed when she heard a sound from nearby. The kind of sound you only hear when the world’s gone awry. The kind of sound you only hear when somepony dies. The kind of sound you only hear when a stallion cries.

It was enough to make the mare’s blood go suddenly dry. Why was there a pony with such pain in supply?

Between sobs he would plead to some force in the sky. He’d scream for some sign or voice to reply. That he wasn’t offered the chance to tell her goodbye. That to every code he’d forever comply.

The hysterics eventually passed. The mare felt like she’d reached a mental crevasse. But after what felt like an hour the mare gave up at last. And she snuggled into the pony that stroked her body like beautiful glass.

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