Web of Trouble by the undead bronie
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Story Notes:

Spider-Man and mlp crossover

Author's Chapter Notes:

i know its a lil short but try to enjoy it nxt chp should be up soon


“Oh my Celestia.”  Was all Twilight could manage as she looked at the strange yet amazing sight in front of her.  The ponys around her had theyre mouths to the floor as they stared in amazement.   “I just don’t believe it.” Said Spike making his presence known on Twilight’s back.  Before them was what appeared to be a gigantic spider’s web plastered between two buildings .   The threads were thick and silver and looked as though they were very strong.  But perhaps the strangest part of this situation was what was on the gigantic web.   There, tangled in its threads, were two earth ponies each wearing a ski mask. And holding a sack of money each.  By now everypony had discovered that one of the stores that the web was connected to’s window was shattered.  It didn’t take long before the ponies put two and two together.  Soon a siren was heard behind the crowd accompanied by the red and blue lights of a police chariot.  A tall police pony stepped out with a slightly shorter one follow ing him. “Alright ponys, nuthin to see, nuthin t-“  the police pony stopped in his tracks.  “Holy Bucking Apples!!” the officer blurted out.  He then turned slightly red before realizing what he had said in public.  He gave an apologetic gesture, then got to the work at hand.  The two officers worked to get the robbers down then restrained them in the back of their chariot.  They then worked to remove the webbing. Twilight approached the tall one, “Um sir, would you mind if I got a sample of that web?”  The officer stared at her confused. “I’d like to study it.” She continued.  The cop continued to stare but then ripped a piece off and handed it to her.  The officers then left in theyre chariot and headed back to their station.  Twilight stared at the web in her hoof then placed it in her saddle bag.  “So why did you want the web?” Spike asked his friend.  “Because Spike, theres no magic that can create something like this material, and I’d really like to know what were dealing with.”  Twilight responded.  “Well who, or whatever did this I think is pretty awesome.”  Spike said with enthusiasm.  Twilight looked at her assistant puzzled by his reaction.  “Why do you say that Spike?”  “Think about it Twi, this thing stopped a crime that would of gone unheard, and didn’t even ask for anything in return!”  “Are you saying this things like a superhero or something?”  Twilight questioned.  “Maybe, either way its still pretty cool Twi.”  Twilight scoffed jokingly at this and started to trot towards the library.  She was almost home when she noticed a large crowd outside her door.  “Huh must be a lot of ponys that want books today Spike.”  Twilight said.  “Um I don’t think theyre here for books Twi.” Spike responded.  “What do you mean Spi-“  She stopped mid sentence as she noticed a large gleaming web on her door with a note in the center.  Spike instinctively grabbed the note then read aloud.  “Ms. Sparkle, please return the web sample you have collected to me by leaving it front of your door tonight.  Nothing personal its just its kind of my special formula, and seeing that amazing mind you posses I want to keep it my own secret.  I mean c’mon if everyone knew it, it wouldn’t be special, Right? Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Pony .”  As spike finished the surrounding ponys dispersed leaving the Purple unicorn in shock .   “He likes my mind?” 


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