Pony Fiction Archive v3.2
based on eFiction v3.5.3

The original PFA.


RBDash47 was a relative latecomer to the pony party that is MLP:FiM, burning through the first season the week before Best Night Ever aired. 26 episodes just wasn't enough, so - this not being his first fandom rodeo - he went out in search of some decent fanfic to make up for the dearth of true episodes, quickly discovering that unlike other fandoms, MLP:FiM didn't have a website dedicated to its fanfiction. Sites like Equestria Daily linked out to some, but they were hosted on random deviantArt and Google Docs accounts. He felt there should be a place where everyone could keep their stories, and a place where readers could easily browse for new and favorite fiction.

Having more brains than sense, RBDash47 set out to write the first version of the site in pure HTML/CSS, partly because he wanted it to be a clean and simple experience for users, and partly because he didn't know how to do anything more advanced. Squirrel quickly volunteered his time and expertise writing the second version of the PFA, which greatly improved both the user and administrator experience. Together, they created the third version of the PFA, built on the open-source eFiction framework, adding a host of new features and controls for the authors represented in the Archive.

While all that was going on, RBDash47 also set up a forum, envisioning a place where authors and readers could intermingle, sharing story ideas, critiques, and reviews - someplace slightly less hectic than Ponychan's /fic/, perhaps. His English major girlfriend, FillyInTheBlanks43, volunteered for the position of lead proofreader, and also stepped up as the forum's global moderator.

Major Changelog

v3.3 (projected) - Added Google Docs integration, TableSort browse mode
v3.2 (08/13/2011) - Added ePub integration, explicit subdomain
v3.1 (08/01/2011) - Added mobile version
v3.0 (07/11/2011) - Relaunch based on eFiction framework; includes user accounts, multiple themes, rating/review system
v2.0 (05/27/2011) - Backend rewritten in PHP, running off a MySQL database
v1.0 (05/2011) - Original static HTML/CSS site