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Postby Arcainum » Mon May 28, 2012 4:37 am

Join a forum and DON'T end up lurking? Okay, ponies, I'll play your game.

Hi! Name's Arcainum. While posting my stories on PFA (exposureexposureexposure), I suddenly noticed there was a forum! And boy, do I love forums. So I thought what the hay, let's jump in and see if I can join a community properly for once!

Story-wise, I'm currently someways through Harpflank and Sweets (FiMFiction link because PFA isn't letting me post the later chapters atm x.X), an (very) AU homage to Saturday morning cartoons and anime. It dips (dives headfirst) into drama at times, but is generally light-hearted. It's my first ponyfic and the first thing I've written in... too many years. 6-star'd on EqD.

I also wrote Celestia... It's Full Of Quills!, which I wrote for a SALT contest, in which Twilight Sparkle saves the multiverse with the help of a hyperintelligent pan-dimensional god-being over the course of just under 4000 words. It's been featured on EqD, but is languishing in the dusty wastes of Star-Needed.

And that's enough plugging! Nice to meet you all!
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Postby KAMfiction » Mon May 28, 2012 8:24 am

Hey Dude!

I am one of our resident grimdark peoples! In my ways of shameless self Promotion, here is some of my best.

on PFA regular i have a story called Spellbound up. It is a harrowing tale of Twilight's magical downfall into evil, filled with several chapters of pure violence, brains splattering, blood oozing, that sort of wonderful stuff. It is getting up into the 36,000 word range

On PFA explicit, i have up
Evening Star- A human crossover, with REAL ponies muahahahahaa and then of course they go to equestria and have even more fun.
this is my most light-hearted story by far, with no blood, though Evening Star gets whipped, but she loves it. 4000 words

and now... my masterpiece of gore and horror! The brand new "Royal Bloodbath" at 7000 words it is just a baby, but it has much promise. It has every warning on the archive, justifiably so. Death, Profanity, Rape, Sex, Torture, Underage, Violence WOOOO

Basically, Blueblood tries to love Rarity, post events of the Grand Galoping Gala
He fails, and then hires a corrupt guard to Bring Her back to canterlot.
The guard, Rarity, and Sweetie belle get more than they bargained for,
and then Blueblood gets what he bargained for

Eventually Pinkie Pie and Twilight get involved, and some guards, and some blueblood end up splattered. It is one hell of a ride from clop to grim and clop again!
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