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Words of Wisdom...

Postby The Masked Ghost » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:19 am

Everyone was silent and didn't dare a say a word. It was silent like a few minutes before an alarm clock goes off. You know something is going to happen, the alarm will go off and it will make a loud noise to get you up or alert you or whatever you use it for. But then it goes off...and all that alarm clock does is it continues to go off. And if you continuously hit the snooze button too many times, it'll grow legs and either take one of your family members or friends or mate hostage and hold a gun to their head or knife to their throat and unless you get out of bed in five seconds, they will die. And the alarm clock yells at you too...just imagine that for a moment...wouldn't be...a wonderful world? Yeah...that way, everyone has plenty of time and no one becomes lazy. And the best part, the alarm clock watches you while you sleep[ at night, watching over you like Kinect, it knows everything about your deepest and darkest secrets....there's no escape from it! ha ha ha...it's kind of funny in a way. And when you least expect it, the alarm clock will rape you in your sleep...while signing a famous song like I'm Staying Alice or something and then replace all lyrics with the word rape in it. That or raped and murdered. both ways work. That or it was as silent as you're getting older and you know you need to get rid of your stuff animals. But yet it won't be easy, so you end up having to do the hardest thing, put your stuff animals to sleep. And mostly likely, when you were little, you had to listen to the pure silence as you were killing your stuffed animals by injecting AIDs into your teddy Bear. Then you quietly wept in the corner as your teddy bear slowly died and leaked AIDs and you saw your Teddy Bear's sad and painful face as it slowly died of AIDs...and then, it caught on fire and burned in Hell. That moment you most likely realized that you should have given your Teddy Bear Polio so it would have gotten into Heaven. It's only natural you know, to give your Teddy Bear Polio and watch it go to Heaven, but instead what most people do is just give AIDs, either injecting it with a needle or fucking it...well more or less raping it and pretending it's your dead pet cat that you had when you were five years old. You always wanted to have sex with your cat, but yet, you could never do it because society wouldn't let you, so you both fought society through the power of dance. But then you realized, your cat was gay so you ended up lynching it and giving the remains to a gay hamster and let it rape it's remains. In which case it took turns raping it with the neighborhood dog that you used to fuck in the summer of 69. You used to pound away at that dog's nice tight ass until it gave you Malaria, in which case you realized the dog cheated on you and you went to Africa and have everyone get Ebola, in which case the Ebola mutated and soon became the size of a human. But instead of infecting and killing humans, they instead went into the hood and got some Pancake Hoes to suck on their micro dick, in which case afterwards they would beat up their pancake hoes and fuck the pancake pimps and soon became the pimps, and soon they were known as Ebola Pimps, in which case the pancakes they fucked had to fuck themselves in order to get money. And this was a world crises and the whole world pointed the finger at Obama, but all he was doing was eating KFC while banging the homeless, and what were you doing you might ask? Well...you were sitting on the ouch raping some poodles that you found in your cereal box that you decided to warm up in the microwave and get cancer. That's....what every young child does in his or her childhood...trust me I'm a psychic. A psychic of love, and my advice to all the rapists out there? Well...just go up to a womman in a bar and say, "Heya baby...I'm going to rape you," with a little smile on your face and see what will happen...possbily go to jail but at least you scored though...right? In a forceful way, and you might just end up getting raped in jail too...it's just how the psychic of love works. You give a little, you get a little. In the end, what you've got is a big pile of shit that you just don't know how to fix. I'm pretty sure that says something about what I'm trying to say. And what I'm trying to say is, life is random, sometimes you get shit, sometimes shit interrupts you, sometimes life gives you good shit...life is just shit. Shit that does whatever it wants...whenever it feels like doing shit. The shit is like life, it's different every time you go to the toilet. Sometimes it's good, sometimes bad, sometimes you get blood in it, in which case you might want to see a doctor, or maybe you killed someone and ate their corpse, and life is just like that, shit. And what does this have to do what's going on you might ask? Well a little philosophical didn't hurt anyone...it just stabbed someone in a dark alleyway back in the late eighties one time and pretty much killed common sense, and now he's on probation. And now...it turns into MTV.
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