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Characters: Original Character(s)
In ProgressComedy3rdEveryponyGeneral • 28628 words

Famous naturalist Shady Stalker takes Quiz and the rest of Miss CHeerilee's class on a field trip through the Everfree Forest.  Excitement, adventure, and other things Quiz really hates are promised.

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Characters: Rainbow Dash
In ProgressSlice-of-Life1stAUF/MViolenceAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 9143 words

One day Rainbow Dash wakes up to find that she has been turned into an Alicorn. She then finds out that she is the last descendant of Alicorns that rule over the Pegasus. Can she accept her role, or will she abandon it?

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Characters: Original Character(s), Rarity, Spike
F/MCompleteRomance, Tragedy1st, 3rdEveryponyGeneral • 15434 words
Spike finally decides to confess his love to Rarity, but when she finds a potential suitor is it already too late?

As Spike wrestles with his self-consciousness to admit his feelings for Rarity, she opens a dialog by mail with Baron Summersday. She is invited to his mansion so they might get to know one another. Rarity believes this may be a second chance at love, but is it truly?
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Characters: Cheerilee, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, Original Character(s), Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Twist
3rdCompleteComedy, Slice-of-LifeEveryponyGeneral • 27601 words

Quizzical Greystone is Twilight Sparkle's new research assistant.  Quiz is the most socially inept filly in all Equestria, and perhaps she's not suited to friendship research.  But if you can't make friends in Ponyville you can't make friends anywhere.

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