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Characters: Big Macintosh, Original Character(s)
CompleteComedy3rdEveryponyGeneral • 1918 words

While heading back to Ponyville after a long day of selling apples in another town, Big Macintosh encounters a tired but attractive filly walking the same road. Being the gentlecolt he is, he offers her a ride in his apple cart. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or is their union star-crossed from the start?

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Characters: Mane 6, Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
CompleteAdventure, Dark, Human Crossover, Tragedy1stF/F, F/MViolenceTeenGeneral • 144592 words

Just a day in Equestria is a story about Electric Blue, and her experiences in Ponyville and beyond. For some unknown reason, she was transferred from the human world into the pony world, so she goes on adventures with her friends and meets everypony from the show. The mysterious group called 'The authors' is something Electric Blue has to find out about, after her amnesiac mind unravels everything she had forgotten. The main themes of this story are sadness and a dark atmosphere, as well as the never ending battle between good and evil.

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Characters: Angel, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle
ComedyCompleteAUEveryponyGeneral • 3384 words
Nopony likes injections.Certainly, nobunny likes them either.Unfortunately for Angel, a certain pegasus is determined that he recieves his shot...and nothing is going to stop her.
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Characters: Mane 6, Original Character(s), Other BG Pony, Princess Celestia, Spike
F/MViolenceHuman Crossover, RomanceOn HiatusTeenGeneral • 8527 words

After almost committing something no one should even think of, Josh, a sixteen year old Junior finds himself in the world of Equestria.

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Characters: Applejack, Fluttershy, Gilda, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle
Violence3rdIn ProgressAdventure, Human Crossover, Sci-FiTeenGeneral • 22648 words

Quite a lot of physicist do agree that existance of "paraller worlds" is theoretically possible. When Philip tells Peter that he actually managed to create a gateway into one, our hero can't help but to feel skeptical. As it soonly turns out, though, this is something more that a madman's fantasy. What will happen when two humans find themselves in Equestria?

And... can we really be sure that it have never happened before?

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Characters: Mane 6, Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Royal Guards, Scootaloo, Soarin', Spitfire, The Wonderbolts
Violence3rdIn ProgressAdventure, Slice-of-LifeTeenGeneral • 2246 words

The great nation of Equestria has fallen, a revolution has rose from the rubble. With the help of Princess Luna they will take back what is rightfully theirs and restore the nation to it's former glory.

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Characters: Gilda, Rainbow Dash
CompleteSlice-of-Life3rdS1EveryponyGeneral • 12570 words
In which Rainbow Dash and Gilda meet and become friends.
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Characters: Mane 6, Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
CompleteCrossover3rdS1Almost EveryponyGeneral • 15378 words

Samurai Jack finds his way to a strange land that holds an ancient secret. There, he and the native ponies must fight together in a battle for the fate of the world.

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Characters: Fluttershy, Original Character(s)
F/MOn HiatusAdventure, Romance3rdTeenGeneral • 5406 words
Twilight tests out a new spell on Fluttershy; suddenly the pegasus finds herself far from Ponyville, but meets a new friend.
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Characters: Original Character(s), Pinkie Pie
1stCompleteTragedyAlmost EveryponyGeneral • 7260 words
This takes place ~30 years after the original story, Angst Much?, and is a series of letters written to Pinkie Pie. This is purely as a thank you to my fans and supporters; I hope you all like it.
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