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Random Story
The End of the Rainbow by starstarstarstarhalf-star
Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo
CompleteDark, Tragedy3rdDeath, Profanity, Torture, ViolenceMature
Pinkie has discovered that Dash is a very bad pony. Now she needs to take care of the situation, Pinkie Pie Style!
Featured Stories
The Pony Psychology Series by starstarstarstarstar
Mane 6, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
CompleteAdventure, Romance, Tragedy3rdF/FSex, ViolenceTeen
One by one, Twilight and her friends must come to terms with the consequences of being the Elements of Harmony.
- - -
The Party Hasn't Ended by starstarstarstarhalf-star
Mane 6, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash
CompleteAdventure, Romance, Tragedy3rdF/FTeen
Pinkie Pie's unrequited love for Rainbow Dash reaches a crisis point as she fears the party in her heart has at long last come to an end.
- - -
Somewhere Only We Know by starstarstarstarstar
Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity
CompleteTragedy1st, 3rdAUEverypony
Every night, in a little stable just outside of town, an old mare lays down to sleep. And every night she has the same dream of rainbows and open sky...
- - -
The Old Stories by starstarstarstarstar
Mane 6, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
There are stories which define us. Stories that inspire us. And there are stories that damn us.
- - -
Two Ponies by starstarstarstarstar
Original Character(s)
CompleteRomance, Tragedy3rdF/MEverypony
Smudge loved well, and loved deeply. Too deeply, perhaps, for the pony left behind.
- - -
Fallout: Equestria by starstarstarstarhalf-star
Mane 6, Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
CompleteAdventure, Crossover1stAUF/FDeath, Profanity, Sex, ViolenceMature
Fallout. With ponies! Set in an alternate future, one pony must learn to survive in a blasted, poisoned land... and possibly, with the aid of friends made...
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It's Impossible! by starstarstarstarhalf-star
Mane 6, Twilight Sparkle
Twilight makes a discovery that will change all of Equestria as they know it: Magic is impossible. No, really.
- - -
Blood Curse Boutique by starstarstarstarhalf-star
Original Character(s), Rarity
In ProgressAdventure, Dark, Suspense, Tragedy3rdAUDeath, Sex, ViolenceTeen
With the discovery of herself being a vampony, will Rarity be able to keep her personality high or will she fall into the madness of her own mind? What followed her ever since a stormy night, was a life of deception and being blood being spilled. “What...
- - -
Stairway to Equestria by starstarstarstarhalf-star
Mane 6, Original Character(s)
CompleteAdventure, Human Crossover, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Suspense1st, 3rdS2Almost Everypony
After a bad decision my life had apparently ended. The Grim Reaper was in a rush, but the big boys up there wouldn't allow it. Cutting a deal with Death and ending up in a world I never thought I would see seemed like a blessing but soon, things got...
- - -
Not Your Assassins, Dweeb by
Gilda, Shining Armor, The Great and Powerful Trixie
3rdS4AdventureIn ProgressTeen
By the time Princess Celestia chained her to the execution site, Gilda knew that her week was going to suck. Now she wants to find out who set her up, and she is not alone.
- - -
Arcana's Wrath by
Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Royal Guards
3rdS4F/F, F/M, M/MAdventure, Comedy, DarkIn ProgressAlmost Everypony
It's been over a decade since Luna's return, and much has changed. Some of the changes, you may not know yet. Of those wonders known to the public the Lord of Chaos rose, and fell, then rose again, an ancient queen attempted to take the land of ponies...
- - -
The Freemareson/ Clockpony War by
In ProgressTragedyViolenceEverypony
The lost Prince of Equestria has returned, but he's is not the only pony that has returned. The legendary Freemareson's have arisen and Equestria is threatened to lose everything if not stopped. Not only that, the Prince is stressed that his subjects...
- - -
F.A.T.E 2 by starstarstarstarstar
Mane 6, Original Character(s), Princess Celestia, Princess Luna
In ProgressAdventure, Human Crossover, Romance, Suspense3rdF/MDeath, Profanity, Sex, Torture, ViolenceTeen
After the events of F.A.T.E, peace has been restored back to equestira and on earth. Night shadows terror has been put to rest, the mane 12 have now become legendary heroes. But all of that changes now...Now after 16 years have passed, night shadow's...